How To Compare Air Conditioners While Shopping

Looking at air conditioners on the market may leave you wondering exactly what it is you'll be buying. A lot of concepts are tossed around. Does an air conditioner really weigh a ton? (No.) What's a BTU? Why might you need a plumber to help you install one? The answers are actually straightforward, but it takes a little industry knowledge to appreciate what it is you'll be buying. Let's take a look at some key concepts you should study before you shop for air conditioners. Read More 

3 Things To Make Your Dishwasher Work For You

The dishwasher in your kitchen can either be a helpful kitchen gadget, or yet another energy suck that is supposed to make your life easier, but in reality, doesn't do much more than rinse and dry your dishes. If you have to wash your dishes before you load them into the dishwasher, it's time to think about upgrading that useless device for a new one. Here, you'll learn about the dishwashers that will actually wash your dishes. Read More 

Keeping Your Grilled Food Safe From Bugs, Birds, And Other Pests

Summer's out, autumn's in, and winter's just a few short months away. That's not exactly music to the ears of those who like to grill outdoors in summer, but it's not the end of the grill's days in use, either. Nor is it the end of the bug and bird cycle that annoys so much of the grilling and picnicking population during summer. Birds are still around, and bugs and other pests can even increase, depending on the species. Read More 

Choose Food Shelf And Rack Systems With LED Lights

All refrigeration cases are not the same, and if you want to improve your sales, this factor is an important one to keep in mind. One small, yet powerful, feature that sets many food shelf and rack casing options apart is LED lights. If you're looking for a new addition to your grocery, convenience or other food stores, make sure you learn why cases with LED lights are so awesome. Read More 

Troubleshoot Your Electric Stove To Identify The Issue Causing Problems

If you've been having trouble with your electric stove, it's time to do something about it. If you can pinpoint the problem, you can get an idea of what it will cost to make the repairs, and determine if it's in your best interest to get the repairs done, or scrap the stove, and upgrade to a new unit. Here, you'll learn how to troubleshoot your electric stove and find what's wrong. Read More