3 Things To Make Your Dishwasher Work For You

The dishwasher in your kitchen can either be a helpful kitchen gadget, or yet another energy suck that is supposed to make your life easier, but in reality, doesn't do much more than rinse and dry your dishes. If you have to wash your dishes before you load them into the dishwasher, it's time to think about upgrading that useless device for a new one. Here, you'll learn about the dishwashers that will actually wash your dishes.

How much food makes it into your dishwasher?

This is a very important question to answer before you go out and shop for a new dishwasher. That's because there are two types of dishwashers for you to choose from – those with a filtration system and those with a built-in garbage disposal or food grinder.

If you know that there is likely to be a lot of solid foods loaded in the dishwasher with the plates, you should probably consider a new dishwasher with the built-in disposal. This is because the filtration systems require the water and heat to break up the food particles inside the dishwasher while it's running, while the unit with the built-in disposal will suck the food particles into it grind them up and send them down the drain.

The one down-side to opting for the unit with a disposal built-in, is that they are typically a little louder than the filtration system. The grinder is just louder than water swishing around in the machine.

Do you really need to use the rinse-aid in the dishwasher?

Yes – even the best dishwashers recommend that you a rinse-aid product. This is because the water that swishes around inside the dishwasher contains phosphates that will coat the dishes. This coating is what causes the water spots and prevents the dishes from drying completely. So, yes, you will need to spend a little money on rinse-aid products for even the best dishwasher.

Are some units more energy efficient than others?

Absolutely! Some dishwashers are designed to operate using less electricity, some to use less water. Some are designed to use as little water and electricity as possible. If you're looking for the most efficient dishwasher possible, you'll need to look for one that works to limit the usage of both water and electric.

Talk with your local dishwasher sales professional, such as at Hudson Appliance Center, to learn more about how your dishwasher should be getting the dishes done and to discuss the options of replacing it.