Choose Food Shelf And Rack Systems With LED Lights

All refrigeration cases are not the same, and if you want to improve your sales, this factor is an important one to keep in mind. One small, yet powerful, feature that sets many food shelf and rack casing options apart is LED lights. If you're looking for a new addition to your grocery, convenience or other food stores, make sure you learn why cases with LED lights are so awesome.

Improved Visuals

As a retailer, you likely already understand the importance of great visuals. However, you might have less knowledge about the role lighting plays in visuals. Incandescent bulbs can sometimes create a yellow cast. The yellow cast can alter the way some of your food products look. 

When it comes to items like fresh produce, the altered coloring can make an object look less appealing. For example, a yellow cast over leafy greens like spinach could make the food look less than fresh. On the other hand, LED doesn't create a yellow cast and instead allows the actual color of the food to shine through. 

Lower Operating Cost

Your refrigeration equipment likely accounts for a significant portion of your overall utility cost. Did you know that food casing options equipped with LED lights can help you save money? In addition to the cooling mechanisms and the motor, a portion of the refrigeration systems energy usage can be attributed to lighting. 

Compared to other types of lighting designs, LED lights often function with a lower energy requirement. During the hours the business is open, and even after hours, the reduced energy usage by the lights will mean lower overall operating cost for you, which can offer considerable savings. 

Water Safe 

A part of keeping your produce fresh and appealing for your customers is routine watering. With some rack and shelf styles, you have to be particularly careful when you have the sprinkling system installed to ensure the water does not make contact with the lights. With certain light styles, the water can damage the light. If even one light is out, the overall look of the display could be downgraded. 

Shelf and rack systems designed with LED lights have less of a risk, as these systems can be designed with specially rated bulbs that can withstand the occasional sprays of water and remain functional. 

Make sure you are choosing shelf and display options with features that aren't just convenient, but that are also functional, and that improve your customers experience. For more information, check out a website like