4 Vitally Important Steps To Keeping Your Commercial Refrigerator Properly Maintained

Neglecting maintenance on your commercial refrigerator can cost your company a lot of money. Not only can it cause your refrigeration equipment to prematurely wear out and require replacement, but it can also cause energy consumption for refrigeration to become excessively high. 

Keep up on the following maintenance tasks to ensure that your commercial refrigeration equipment operates properly:

Ensuring that gaskets are properly intact

The unit's gaskets are the seals that line the refrigerator door. They are responsible for preventing the escape of cold air when the unit is closed.

Gaskets are important refrigerator components that are also highly susceptible to becoming ripped and torn. They not only need to be inspected to check for damage, but they should also be cleaned. If dried-on debris like food pieces becomes stuck to the gaskets, it could prevent the unit's door from closing properly and allow cold air to escape. 

Performing a visual inspection of the unit's condenser coils

On a commercial refrigeration unit, the condenser coils are typically located either on the top or on the bottom of the unit. Usually, a cover will be placed over the condenser coils that must be removed for the coils to be inspected. A Philips head screw driver is typically necessary to remove the cover.

One of the most common malfunctions of a commercial refrigerator is freezing up of the condenser coils. When this happens, the coils will be covered in a layer of ice. Defrosting is necessary to remedy this issue.

A commercial refrigerator will lose efficiency when the coils are frozen up. Frozen coils can also lead to other malfunctions in the unit, including failure of the fan motor or overheating of the unit's wiring. 

Inspect the drain line outlet to detect any blockages

The condensate drain of a typical commercial refrigerator is located at the back of the unit on the bottom. Clogs in the condensate drain will prevent water from escaping and could create a flood on your floor. 

Condensate drains can be cleaned by being blown out using a specially designed hose or straw. 

Schedule periodic inspections by professional refrigeration technicians

Getting signed on to a maintenance plan with a refrigeration contractor is probably the best thing you can do to make sure that your refrigeration equipment is well maintained.

During a visit by the refrigeration technician, all of the maintenance tasks mentioned above should be performed. In addition, the technician should do the following: inspect wiring, inspect hinges and closing mechanisms, pressure clean drains, check the level of the unit's refrigerant, oil mechanical components like motors and bearings, and check the unit's cycling mechanism. 

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