Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Upgrades That Will Add Value To Your Home

If your kitchen is due for an upgrade, then seize the opportunity and turn your bland kitchen into one that is fit for a gourmet chef. This will improve your own cooking and also add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Even people who don't love to cook love a beautiful kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are fantastic because they work with any décor.

New Range With Steam Convection Oven

Nothing is as ugly as an old, dirty stove. After years of use, the stove top might be blackened and dinged up. The oven might be small, covered in darkened carbon, and no longer hold a proper temperature. A new range will improve your nightly cooking, and will wow potential buyers.

The reason you should look for a steam convection oven is that they are all the rage with amateur gourmets. Convection ovens have been popular for a while because they circulate the air evenly in the oven. This ensures that the heat near the front or top of the oven won't be different than the back or bottom, which helps your food turn out perfectly. Steam is popular because it helps to seal in flavor when cooking fish, meat, and vegetables. It's also great for baking bread. If you're someone who likes making artisan bread, then a steam oven is perfect. The steam helps to create that lovely crust. Of course, the steam can be adjusted for when you are making things like muffins and cakes, which don't require steam.

A Temperature Controlled Wine Fridge

Slim, elegant, and purposeful--that's what a wine fridge is. Choose a glass fronted one so that your collection can be on display. These fridges are an excellent way to store your wine collection. They have different zones in the fridge that allows for different wine varieties. For instance, you can store your red wines in a section that you set at a higher temperature than your white wines and champagnes. People love these special wine fridges because they add a sense of luxury to your kitchen. Most homes are not lavish enough to have a dedicated wine cellar, but a glass fronted, stainless steel wine fridge is definitely something that will fit most kitchens.

A Stainless Steel, Single Door Refrigerator

Some people might be tempted to choose a glass-fronted refrigerator; however this can be a mistake. Unlike a wine fridge, they can end up looking messy. Milk cartons, produce, egg cartons, and containers of leftover takeout won't be as pretty looking as a row of wine bottles. So choose a stainless steel, single door refrigerator. Stainless steel won't chip like enameled refrigerators. So, there is no need to use dozens of fridge magnets to cover up the spots where the paint has fallen off.

The single door design is very sleek. When you open up the fridge, the freezer component is on the bottom in pull out drawers. Because it doesn't have two doors, it looks like a solid, polished piece of steel. It is something that is visually very impressive.

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