Expand Your Deli’s Business With A Pizza Oven

If you're looking to increase sales, then you should consider buying a pizza oven. This is an excellent way to grab business from pizza parlors in the area. Pizza ovens come in several of different sizes and styles, so it is important to think about your space, your customer base, and what your goals are. You can browse the different styles online and see which one is right for your location.

Before you look at the restaurant equipment for sale, here are some things to think about.

Single Deck or Double Deck Oven?

If you have a deli, then you will want to get a single deck pizza oven. You don't need a large two-deck pizza oven unless you expect to do a booming business in pizza. Two deck ovens are designed for places that sell mainly pizza. Because you're operating a deli, you are going to be selling lots of stuff besides pizza.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives To A Deck Oven?

A single deck pizza oven is the best type for a modest size deli. While there are cheaper pizza ovens, namely the small convection ovens, you should spend the money for a single deck. Convection ovens don't get as hot as single deck ovens. They still make decent pizza, but if you want to compete with real pizza parlor's in your area, you are going to have to install a deck oven.

Don't Forget About Brick Ovens.

If your customer base is use to buying sandwiches, burgers, cold cuts, and regular deli fare, then you will be fine with a deck oven. If, however, you have an upscale deli that sells gourmet foods and has a sit down area, you might want to consider a brick oven.

Brick oven pizza is much different in appearance than deck oven pizza. The pizza has a more classic look. If you want to serve traditional pizza, such as pizza margherita, then you will need a brick oven.

The other advantage to brick ovens is that they are really popular with foodies. You could attract people from a large area. It could open up your deli to customers beyond the casual passerby.

Brick ovens can be heated using gas or propane, but you should really consider using the traditional method of firewood. This would create a fantastic visual. People love the look of a classic firewood brick oven. There are companies that deliver firewood to restaurants, so you don't have to worry about going out and chopping down trees.